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Eight Shreveport gardens will be featured May 2-3 on the 2015 Northwest Louisiana Master Gardener Le Tour des Jardins.

Here’s a photo glimpse of the garden of Mike and Sheri Moritz, who live at 7112 East Ridge Drive, Shreveport, and a quick chat with Sheri:

How would you describe your garden to someone who has never seen it?  “We are fortunate our yard has large areas of both dark shade and bright sun.   I love variety and pattern so we’ve tried some unusual combinations.”

Do you strive for a particular style? “I like a whimsical style with mixed colors, textures and plant foliage.”

What are a couple of things a visitor to your garden shouldn’t miss? “Our garden in tubs is our most fun feature.  Our painted ferns and hostas are my husband’s favorites.”

Do you have a favorite plant or plants? What and why? “My favorite plants are ones with a fragrance/scent:  gardenias for their small leaves, wonderful blooms and that intoxicating scent. Salmon Drift roses: The blooms start light orange at first bud and in full bloom become almost pink. They have that wonderful rose scent. Sweet olives near the doorways so you catch the fragrance as you pass. Confederate Jasmine – a scent like no other!”

What’s the best garden advice/tip you’ve ever received?  “Know exactly how much sun and shade an area gets before planting anything. “

Why is having a beautiful garden important to you? “I get to be an artist with plants.  I truly love time in the yard.  It’s time to enjoy nature and be at peace.  Even hard tasks reward me with beauty.  It is constantly changing and challenging.  It is something I do with my wonderful husband, Mike. He is the one that waters, amends soil and does all the heavy lifting. There would be no ‘garden’ without him!”

Coming tomorrow: Ben and Rhonda Tullos garden.


  • When: 10 a.m.-5 p.m. May 2 and 1-5 p.m. May 3.
  • Gardens, all in Shreveport: Roy and Camille Millen, 8105 Captain Mary Miller Drive; Betty Wilson, 164 Grey Eagle; Don and Dottie Murray, 165 Grey Eagle; Ben Humphrey, 948 Boulevard St.; Dr. Steve Russell, 2530 Fairfield Ave.; Mike and Sheri Moritz, 7112 East Ridge Drive; Drs. Steven and Sharye Atchison, 1367 Forest Creek; Ben and Rhonda Tullos, 3025 Nottingham Drive.
  • Admission: $10 in advance by calling 318-698-0010 or at any Citizens National Bank. Tickets will be available for $15 at each garden on the day of the tour.
  • Special event: A Garden Bazaar will be held during the tour at the Pioneer Heritage Center at LSUS. Admission: free.
  • Info: 318-698-0010 or www.lsuagcenter.com/nwlamg.



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