Too much love is in the air — and on our cars

Photo of the Day -- Sept. 2

Love may be in the air, but hate is in the hearts of many North Louisiana residents.

The cool, wet summer has contributed to an explosion of lovebugs – you know, those pesky insects that congregate on your porch and smash into your vehicle.

And, you’re right – there are more of them this year.

This is what Dr. Beverly Burden, associate professor and entomologist at Louisiana State University-Shreveport, shared about them:

  • These are the black bugs that appear to have a red/orange neck, usually flying in tandem during copulation.
  • They are flies, not bugs.
  • They do not bite or sting.
  • They are attracted to lighter surfaces.
  • They are attracted to the vibrations and exhaust fumes of vehicles.
  • Their squashed bodies are acidic and may harm the paint of vehicles and they can clog the radiator, therefore wash them off of vehicles.
  • They should be lower in population numbers in a week to 10 days.
  • The eggs are laid in moist soil and eat decayed vegetation so they act as recyclers in the ecosystem.
  • The summer was wetter and cooler (not many days over 100 degrees), which explains the larger than normal population this year.
  • Yes, they are a NUISANCE, but nothing more. Insects control the world and they allow us to live with them.

So, I guess we’ll just have to live with this love/hate relationship for a little while longer.

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